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Tent and Camping GearWe have everything here at Aniak Air Guides that you'll need to make that Dream Adventure become a reality. We can provide the perfect trip to meet your desires: daily fly-outs right from the lodge for day hikes, a quick overnight with a downhill- the-whole-way hike, a multi-stage expedition between high mountain lakes, or any combination thereof. We can adapt and customize any backpacking or camping trip to suit your own particular group's skill level, needs, and interests. Guides are also available, if desired.

We provide:

  • unparalleled local knowledge
  • transportation (Cubs on floats and wheels, an air boat, a jet boat, rafts, canoes, skiffs, snowmobiles, and 4-wheelers)
  • weatherproof topo maps of each route, including elevation profiles and waypoints
  • marine radios for aerial check-ups
  • bear spray, which can't travel on airlines
  • 24 hour field support if you bring a satellite phone

Most trips originate in, or near, the northern portions of the gorgeous Wood-Tikchik State Park. The nations largest park, at 1.6 million acres, is something you'll have to see, to believe!
With fish to catch in the mountain lakes and streams, wildlife to view, breathtaking scenery at your fingertips, and plenty of seclusion, we're sure your trip will be the most memorable ever!

Call us for a quote on your own particular backpacking/camping adventure. Prices and equipment lists will vary depending on destination(s), duration, and group size. Children and pets are welcome, as well.


Enjoying a campfire at dusk Napping on a pristine lake shoreline Crossing a placid valley stream
Taking a break from backpacking to review the route and enjoy the view Berries! Hiiking through a valley dotted with lakes
Bathing in a lake Crossing a stream amidst high grasses A backpacker enjoying the view from a remote spot



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