Wildlife Viewing

Get your cameras ready and prepare your eyes for stunning sights yet unseen! Our decades of expertise and familiarity with the remote and rugged terrain of Southwest Alaska means that we understand where animals will be, as well as when and why they are there. Aniak and its environs are so remote that we are sure your guided trip will be filled with many unforgettable encounters with our wild friends.

Many thousands of species call our very own backyard home. On land there are brown bears, grizzly bears, black bears, caribou, red fox, lynx, wolves, wolverines, musk ox, moose, ptarmigan, beavers, marten, otters, and many other wild animals. In the water there are tundra swans, osprey, hundreds of species of waterfowl and other migratory birds, all five species of salmon, rainbow trout, lake trout, arctic char, dolly varden, grayling, pike, burbot, and sheefish. Overhead, bald eagles, peregrine falcons and other raptors soar.

Prices and equipment lists will vary with trip destination and duration. Call us today to plan an unforgettable wilderness viewing adventure!

Brown bear and cub Wolverine Wolf in den
Lynx Willow ptarmigan 2 Tundra Swans showing their wings
Bull caribou with big velvet antlers Moose in river Black bear
Musk ox Bull moose with big rack Red fox
Black wolf Grizzly bear in Sockeye Lake Porcupine
Bear tracks in the sand Herd of caribou by a river Red fox


What is the Gear Like?

A typical 3 person camping set-up for *all adventures* includes the following gear provided by Aniak Air Guides:

  • Tent and Camping GearCabelas's 4 man tent
  • Coleman stove with fuel
  • Dishes for 4 (plates, bowls, cups, silverware)
  • Non-stick pots & pans
  • Spatulas
  • Coffee percolator
  • Kool Aid jug
  • Wash tub
  • Soap & scrubber
  • Can opener
  • Weather-proof map
  • Marine radio for check-ups
  • Bear spray
  • Foam sleeping pads
  • Dry bags
  • 2 tarps
  • Duct tape



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